June 2010

Revolver Muzik presents the “Put On For Real City” episode/webisode. If you don’t know by now Real City is Montreal. The series will feature random footage taken while on tour, in studio sessions, interviews and events attended by Magnum and the Revolver Muzik squad. This first episode includes footage of Magnum in Toronto’s Cherry Beach Studio rippin shit up, on stage at the Slaughterhouse show and rollin through the hood with Royce Da 5’9″.


DJ’S MAKE THE RAPPERS AND THEIR CITY BLOW from mitchy slick on Vimeo.

MITCHY SLICK has been one that has been very local about his local djs not supporting him or any other rappers from his area. This is the case in many places. Mitchy Slick shows us a clip from a dvd where DJ DROP of the Definition Djs explains how a DJ can and should support a local record. If you wanna hear an actual track talkin bout this, more specifically talking about Dr. Dre and Ice Cube not messin with Mitchy even though he has sold over 50,000 records independently, check out his “Dr. Cube” track. Not to mention, Mitchy Slick is a part of critically acclaimed west coast group STRONG ARM STEADY…… KLACK KLACK KLACK KLACK KLACK


New shit from YA BOY brought to you by HotNewHipHop.

Download: Ya Boy – Life of A Rockstar (produced by Kajmir Royale)



by AZ on June 27, 2010

Guce been doin it for a long time and i been followin him for a long time as well. He was on that mob shit for a long time but he has recently switched it up a bit. I gotta say that the quality of the music he’s been putting out in the past 2 years has been great. He got somethin for everybody: the gangstas, the pimps, the hoes and the ladies. That “GUCEY VALENTINE” tape was top notch, I also enjoyed his “BASE ROCK MUSIC” not to say that his other material haven’t been on point. Check out Guce if you aint familiar with him. Check his old shit and his new shit. One of very very few mob artists that has been able to adapt to the “new sound”, keep making quality music, keeping it gangsta and not sound forced to adjust. G SLAPS ENT.


Shake da Mayor “To Whom it May Concern” / “So Serious” music video from In Yo FACE Filmworks on Vimeo.

I like the track AND i like the video. Some real left coast shit. I think this might be Damon Jamal’s best video yet. First time i actually hear Shake Da Mayor….. im a fan. By the way, was that Agerman in the video?? G SLAPS ENT.



by AZ on June 25, 2010

It’s the Guerilla Asshole!! New visual from Z-Ro The Crooked for “Driving Me Wild” off the “Heroin” album. Directed by Algierz


What is this like the 15th video off of Revenue Retrievin??? Damon and 40 goin in on them videos. Most of you are familiar with Fab but im sure you don’t know bout Dem Hoodstarz if you not from the bay. Well they are dope and very well respected, not to mention they make moves. One of my favorites from them is “Video Vixen”. Check em out.



by AZ on June 24, 2010

Been pushin this record for a long time…… since the homie Legend Gary sent it…. im sure a lot of you djs were sleepin on it but put this in ya ride with decent speakers and the bass will rattle ya shit! “I’m On Patron” is the first single from his upcoming album set to release the 13th of July on Swisha House. Respect to Paul Wall for fuckin with the bay (he’s on The Jacka’s “Tear Gas” album, The Jacka & Lee Majors “Gobots 2″ and will also be on Big Rich’s “Built to Last” album”. I been followin Paul since “Get Yo Mind Correct” and i know that he knows his independent music and fucks with it. Expensive Taste all over the video!!


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