While performing his verse from “848” last night at a Diplomats concert, Waka Flocka straight dissed Gucci Mane by changing his line “Free my brother Gucci” to “Fuck that nigga Gucci”. Via XclusivesZone


At first when Mess put the trailer out I had no idea this video and was intended to be a Too Short diss. Honestly, I never been one to feed into rap beef and it ain’t no different this time around.

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too short messy marv
Too Short – Messy Marv

Ozone Magazine’s Julia Beverly got on the phone with Too Short to clear things up about the so called beef Messy Marv is claiming. Read the full interview after the jump. Link to the audio also available below.

Too Short: I really didn’t know [what this whole thing was about] until a few days ago. I did know that I got a phone call a while ago [saying] I had been mentioned in a [Messy Marv] song. I was kinda like, “Whatever.” I already know Marv likes to get into it with certain people on the rap thing. I never do the [beef] stuff so I just let that go and never even tripped on it.

We’d always been real cool. We did some work together. He did a song on my compilation CD, I Love The Bay, and he had me on a song or two of his. Every time we’d see each other it was like, “What’s up?” Nothing but love over the years. Many years.

I guess it was just a couple of things that built up to [his Twitter statements]. I don’t really know. I just talked to him two days ago and we had about a 20, 30 minute conversation and everything was put on the table. It was a real peaceful conversation, it wasn’t no punk shit, yelling, screaming, nothing. It was just a conversation between two homies. I’ve got my own little investigation I put together [to find out why he’s mad]. I feel like something happened back in 2007 – this is what he’s telling me.

[Marv] said that I called him one day and told him he had to sign to my label and anybody [from the Bay] that wasn’t signed to my label was getting ran over, that I would have violent things done to him and his family and all kinds of stuff. And I’m like, “Marv. That never happened.” But he swears it happened. He told E-40 this story, he told Richie Rich this story. Folks keep coming to me and I say, “Man, I ain’t never got at Marv like that. As far as I know everything’s cool with me and Marv.”

I ain’t the kind of muthafucker who just backs down on his words. If I said the shit [to Marv on the phone], I said it. He said we passed the phone around and we were all on the phone talking shit. I don’t know. Apparently that was the birth of it, four years ago. And nothing really came out about it until he mentioned me in a song. I don’t know when the song came out but I got a phone call from a couple homies. Beeda Weeda called me, Richie Rich, E-40 got at me and they all said the same thing: “What’s going on with you and Marv?”

So Marv keeps asking people to send a message, like, “Are we cool or what?” So I sent back the message, “Yeah, we’re cool.” When we spoke the other day he said he was trying to get on the phone and talk to me. But nobody told me that part of it. I’ve had the same number for the last ten years. You could have easily got my number from somebody, texted me, anything other than just [blasting me on Twitter].

So I guess he never got word back from any of them that I was going to get on the phone with him and just speak our peace, and he has a little animosity behind that. So first, he thought four years ago that I called him and threatened him. Four years later, he just wanted to make sure there ain’t no problem and [he thought] I wouldn’t get on the phone with him. So, to me all these little things are misunderstandings or whatever.

I’m not about to be in no rap battle about little shit like this. Rapping back and forth making records and battling on Twitter and shit, come on. I don’t even look at the damn Twitter. But, I guess the firecracker, the thing that lit the fuse was the song that just came out with 40 Glocc, “Welcome to California.” It’s me, 40 Glocc, Snoop, E-40. I said something like, “Welcome to the Bay, up here we ain’t got no Crips and Bloods.” That’s just a fact. There ain’t really no Crips or Bloods in the Bay. But I guess he took that [to mean] I was talking about him. I don’t know [what he thought]. It went way over my head. One of my Frisco homies told me the other day he was mad at me over the 40 Glocc song.

[So after I spoke to Marv on the phone a few days ago] he texted me and said, “You don’t respect me brah.” And I texted him back, “I’ve got 100% respect for you and I’m glad we talked. Now we ain’t got no middle man between us, so we can just holla, whatever.” And he texted me right back saying, “No, you don’t.” That was our last communication and then he started tweeting again.

After my conversation with him, I kind of understood why he’s upset. It was a couple of misunderstandings and a couple messages relayed wrong. And then you hear a song that ain’t about you and think it’s about you. So, he fed into all the shit. But at the same time, I just don’t understand why you would go cyber. Why didn’t you just get at me? You didn’t have to call somebody else to talk to me.

He’s spreading this thing like it’s a beef between me and him. No. This is a beef between him and me. He’s mad at me. I’m not mad at him. So after this, I’m not even going to speak on this shit. I don’t care how far out these words go, it is what it is. He can battle all day.

I do shows all over the Bay. I’m tied so deep into this community of Oakland, California. I do tons of work for kids and all kinds of charities and the city officials. I’ve done so much stuff to help the city and the Bay. I just try to help curb some of the violence and be a positive part of the community. I do a lot of work with [Oakland youth center] Youth UpRising and the City of Oakland, and I record a lot of songs with young artists from the Bay for free or for small change, all on the strength. I’m [speaking on this] right now because I’ve got so much love for the Bay. The Bay made my career and I’m not going to let somebody come along on some little petty stuff trying to put friction between me and my folks.

If you real, you aren’t gonna do no Twitter cyber war. That’s not what no real gangster would do. No hardcore dude would go to Twitter to battle. Every time you’re typing in words about me you’re calling me “@TooShort”? Like, c’mon, man. Cut that shit out. Basically, it’s a pretty silly thing. I feel like it’s an injustice to the Bay Area music scene. This is years into his career, years into my career, and we’re going to make the whole Bay look bad, like there’s some kind of beef that doesn’t even exist? C’mon man. That’s not cool for the Bay.

So Short, any last words for Messy Marv?

Marv, you my little homie. I love you, boy. Keep getting your money and get past this little stuff and make your music. I’m not in a battle, he’s battling by himself. Believe me.

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